Wed 3rd May: Kripke’s Unpublished Knowledge Argument

Title: Kripke’s Unpublished Knowledge Argument
Speaker: Adriana Renero 
When: Wed May 3rd, 2 – 4pm
Where: The Graduate Center, CUNY, Room 7113.08
Abstract: In his unpublished 1979 lectures on the philosophy of mind, Kripke offers another argument against the physicalist thesis that “one who knows all the physical truths—or all the physical facts—knows everything.” This argument appeals to the auditory domain. In this talk, I will discuss several cases of deaf people, which Kripke provides, and adapt these into one single case: the deaf person case. Then I will claim that this is a precursor of Frank Jackson’s “knowledge argument against physicalism” i.e. the often-quoted “Mary case” (1982). In doing so, I will compare and contrast Kripke and Jackson’s cases, and argue that the deaf person case constitutes a more persuasive argument against physicalism. I will also show that Kripke offers an account of descriptions of the phenomenal character of auditory experiences and pinpoints important aspects of phenomenal character that Jackson does not address.