New Saul Kripke Paper “Fregean Quantification Theory”

New Saul Kripke paper, “Fregean Quantification Theory,” to be published in Journal of Philosophical Logic. Now available to view at Online First (with login):

Abstract: Frege’s system of first-order logic is presented in a contemporary framework. The system described is distinguished by economy of expression and an unusual syntax.

SKC Director Gary Ostertag reviews Kripke by John Burgess in NDPR

Saul Kripke Center Directory Gary Ostertag reviews Kripke by John Burgess in Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews.

“John Burgess’s book is a gem: an accessible yet nuanced introduction to the work of one of our greatest living philosophers. While the book can serve as a selective introduction not only to Kripke’s thought, but also more generally to core topics in contemporary analytic philosophy, it also has much to offer seasoned Kripke scholars. The discussions of Kripke on modal epistemology, on Wittgenstein on rules, and on a posteriori necessities involving natural kinds — to mention just three topics — will be read with interest by anyone working in the relevant areas. More than that, the book is eminently readable, witty — in fact, downright funny in places — and both tells a compelling story about Kripke’s place in the history of philosophy and shows how central themes of his oeuvre interrelate.”


Mark Crimmins reviews Phil Troubles in NDPR

Mark Crimmins (Stanford) reviews Philosophical Troubles in Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews.

“That four of the most admired and discussed essays in 1970s philosophy are here is enough to make this first volume of Saul Kripke’s collected articles a must-have…The reader’s delight will grow as hints are dropped that there is a great deal more to come in this series being prepared by Kripke and an ace team of philosopher-editors at the Saul Kripke Center at The Graduate Center of the City University of New York.”