Published Works


referenceReference and Existence: The John Locke Lectures. Oxford University Press. 2013

  • “For decades getting a copy of these lectures has been a holy grail for philosophers working on fiction…It will no doubt be a major influence on work in these areas for decades to come.”–Amie Thomasson, University of Miami
  • “…a must read if you want to know where Kripke’s thinking took him when he took the revolutionary views he developed in Naming and Necessity and confronted the problem of empty names and nonexistence.”–Philosophical Quarterly



philtroublesPhilosophical Troubles: Collected Papers, Volume 1. Oxford University Press. 2011.

  • “I have learned more from Saul Kripke than from any other philosopher of our time.”–David Kaplan, UCLA
  • “Simply a ‘must-have’ of analytic philosophy.”–Paul Boghossian, New York University
  • “Any serious student of philosophy of language, philosophy of logic, philosophy of mind, or epistemology should read and reread Kripke’s work, including these papers.”–Tyler Burge, UCLA


wittgensteinWittgenstein on Rules and Private Language. Harvard University Press, 1982.

  •  “Saul Kripke has thought uncommonly hard about the central argument of Wittgenstein’s Philosophical Investigations and produced an uncommonly clear and vivid account of that argument…set out with all the clarity, incisiveness and economy that one expects of its author.”–The Times Literary Supplement
  • “Kripke’s interpretation, and his arguments, deserve—and will repay—extremely careful attention.”–Philosophical Books


namingNaming and Necessity. Harvard University Press, 1980.

  • “Naming and Necessity helped to shatter a centuries-old consensus on the nature of the fundamental semantical concepts of connotation and reference, as well as challenging received ideas about necessity and contingency.”–Hilary Putnam, Harvard University
  • “When these lectures were first published eight years ago, they stood analytic philosophy on its ear. Everybody was either furious, or exhilarated, or thoroughly perplexed. “–Richard Rorty, London Review of Books


Selected Articles

  • “Free Choice Sequences: A Temporal Interpretation Compatible with Acceptance of Non-Constructive Mathematical Proofs.” Forthcoming in Indagationes Mathematicae, special issue: L.E.J. Brouwer, fifty years later.
  • “‘And’ and ‘But’: A Note.” Thought. Available for early view. DOI: 10.1002/tht3.237
  • “History and Idealism: The Theory of R.G. Collingwood.” Collingwood and British Idealism StudiesVol. 23, No. 1, pp. 9 – 29, 2017.
  • “Quantified Modality and Essentialism.” Nous, Vol. 51, No. 2, pp. 221 – 234, 2017.
  • “Quantified Modal Logic and Quine’s Critique: Some Further Observations.” Nous, Vol. 51, No. 2, pp. 235 – 237, 2017.
  • “Yet Another Dogma of Empiricism.” Philosophy and Phenomenological Research. Vol 91, No. 2, pp. 381 – 385, 2015.
  • “The Road to Gödel.” In J. Berg (ed.), Naming, Necessity and More: Explorations in the Philosophical Work of Saul Kripke. Palgrave Macmillan, 2014.
  • “The Church-Turing ‘Thesis’ as a Special Corollary of Gödel’s Incompleteness Theorem.” In B. Copeland, C. Posy, and O. Shagir (eds.), Computability: Turing, Gödel, Church, and Beyond. MIT Press, pp. 77-105, 2013.
  • “Presupposition and Anaphora: Remarks on the Formulation of the Projection Problem.” Linguistic Inquiry, Vol. 40, No. 3, pp. 367-386, 2009.
  • “Frege’s Theory of Sense and Reference: Some Exegetical Notes.” Theoria, Vol. 74, No. 3, pp. 181-218, 2008.
  • “Russell’s Notion of Scope.” Mind, Vol. 114, pp. 1005-1037, 2005.
  • “A Puzzle About Belief.” In A. Margalit (ed.), Meaning and Use, Reidel, pp. 239-283, 1979.
  • “Speaker’s Reference and Semantic Reference.” Midwest Studies in Philosophy, II, pp. 255-276, 1977.
  • “Outline of a Theory of Truth.” Journal of Philosophy, Vol. 72, No. 19, pp. 690-716, 1975.
  • “Identity and Necessity.” In Identity and Individuation, Milton K. Munitz (ed.), New York, New York University Press, pp. 135-164, 1971.
  • “Semantical Analysis of Intuitionistic Logic I.” In Formal Systems and Recursive Functions (Proceedings of the Eighth Logic Colloquium at Oxford), J. N. Crossley and M. A. E. Dummett (eds), Amsterdam, North Holland Publishing Co., pp. 92-129, 1963.
  • “Semantical Considerations on Modal Logic.” Acta Philosophica Fennica, Vol. 16, pp. 83-94, 1963.
  • “A Completeness Theorem in Modal Logic.” Journal of Symbolic Logic, 24, 1, pp. 1-14, 1959.


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