Saul Kripke at a podium


Welcome to the Saul Kripke Center website

Housed in the heart of Manhattan at The Graduate Center of the City University of New York, The Saul Kripke Center is dedicated to preserving and promoting the work of Saul Aaron Kripke, one of the greatest living philosophers and logicians.

The author of pioneering results in modal logic while still in high school, Professor Kripke continued to develop and extend these insights in subsequent technical work. With “Identity and Necessity” and Naming and Necessity – two published lectures given in the early 1970s that became classics almost upon publication – his work turned towards the philosophical implications of his formal investigations. Then and now, his work is marked by formal rigor coupled with an engaging and accessible prose style.

The Center is currently creating a digital archive to preserve Professor Kripke’s works, including recordings of lectures and seminars dating back to 1970, and lecture notes, manuscripts, and philosophical and mathematical correspondence dating back to the 1950s. The Center sponsors graduate fellowships for students enrolled in the City University of New York Graduate Center’s Ph.D Program in Philosophy. The Center also makes its archive available for visiting scholars and hosts regular “brown-bag lunch” talks as well as colloquia by distinguished Kripke Scholars. This site provides information about Saul Kripke, Kripke Center events and material in the Kripke Center Archive.