Photo of Romina PadroRomina Padro (PhD, The Graduate Center, CUNY) is Director of the Saul Kripke Center. Her main research is in epistemology, especially in epistemology of logic, and in philosophy of language.


MarshallOliver Marshall (PhD, The Graduate Center, CUNY: Toward a Kripkean Concept of Number) is Assistant Director of the Saul Kripke Center and Visiting Assistant Professor. Oliver’s research is in the intersection of the philosophies of language, mathematics and cognitive science, and is heavily influenced by the analytic tradition of Frege, Russell, Wittgenstein, Church, and Kripke. His research, on the cognitive role of mathematical notations and measurement systems, is directly engaged with Professor Kripke’s (unpublished) work. Oliver has published in Australasian Journal of Philosophy (‘Counting and Identity: A Reply to Liebesman’) and has a paper in press at Journal of Philosophy (‘Giaquinto on Acquaintance with Numbers’).

Photo of Michael DevittMichael Devitt (PhD, Harvard) is a Distinguished Professor of Philosophy at the Graduate Center at CUNY. His main research interests are in the philosophy of language and linguistics, and in issues of realism. He is the author of Designation (1981), Realism and Truth (1984/1991/1997), Language and Reality (with Kim Sterelny, 1987/1999), Coming to Our Senses (1996), Ignorance of Language (2006), and Putting Metaphysics First (2010). He is the editor (with Richard Hanley) of the Blackwell Guide to the Philosophy of Language (2006).

Photo of Jeff BuechnerJeff Buechner (PhD, Rutgers University) works primarily in the philosophy of mind and psychology, and explores connections between these areas and mathematics and computer science. His book, Gödel, Putnam and Functionalism: A New Reading of Representation and Reality (MIT Press, 2008) is a detailed examination of four important arguments that Hilary Putnam gave against functionalism, as well as a critique of John Searle’s metaphysics of computation.