Saul Kripke

Saul Kripke at a podiumSaul Kripke is a distinguished professor in the Departments of Philosophy and Computer Science at the Graduate Center, CUNY.

The author of pioneering results in modal logic while still in high school, Saul Aaron Kripke continued to develop and extend these insights in subsequent technical work. With “Identity and Necessity” and Naming and Necessity – two published lectures given in the early 1970s that became classics almost upon publication – his work turned towards the philosophical implications of his formal investigations. Then and now, his work is marked by formal rigor coupled with an engaging and accessible prose style.


Courses Recently Taught

  • Spring 2018: Theories of Truth
  • Fall 2017: Frege
  • Spring 2016: Naming and Necessity Revisited
  • Fall 2015: Topics in the Epistemology of Logic II (with Romina Padro)
  • Spring 2015: The Philosophy of Bertrand Russell
  • Spring 2014: Lewis Carroll and the Epistemology of Logic (with Romina Padro)
  • Fall 2013: Wittgenstein, Russell and our Concept of the Natural Numbers
  • Spring 2013: Later Wittgenstein
  • Fall 2012: Identity Through Time